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News from Southeast Asia and the PI World
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The world’s most popular fieldbus has more than 35 million installed devices, making it the most successful fieldbus in history. Its coverage of automation domains across factory, discrete and process applications makes it ideal for use in all industries.

The all-encompassing Industrial Ethernet solution has many features in common with PROFIBUS. Its ‘real time’ solutions make it perfect for modern applications – including advanced Motion Control - while its ability to integrate with higher level networks makes it perfect for bringing plant floors into harmony with enterprise-wide IT systems. That means MES and ERP systems communicate better with the plant locations doing the work.

Complete Integration

PROFINET & PROFIBUS play well together, with many ‘added values’. PROFINET can integrate PROFIBUS networks easily; it can integrate other fieldbuses too. PROFINET is thus an ideal way to evolve plants into an Ethernet-based future, without making existing equipment and skills redundant.

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