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How to implement

If you're considering implementing Motion Control products based on PROFIdrive, we suggest you start by reading the PROFIdrive System Description and the PROFIdrive Application Profiles documentation here. Most PICCs can provide design and engineering support.

On a technical level, a common driver has been developed for integrating drive equipment into engineering systems. This driver, which is called the PROFIdrive profile server, is based on the OPC standard and provides users with universal and convenient access to the drives using familiar plug & play methods like those found in the Windows environment. PROFIBUS DPV1 provides the underlying technololgy for this.

The drives are accessed via a PC running Windows which is connected as a PROFIBUS class 2 master (operator control and monitoring device). The prerequisite is a PC with a PROFINET or PROFIBUS card (available as standard products from several vendors) and an OPC-compatible bus server. The PROFldrive profile server works above this bus server to translate the services into user-friendly device and parameter names. 

In addition, FDT/DTM interfaces are increasingly being used.