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PROFIenergy guarantees a uniform interface for smart energy management and is an open technology, with all the benefits of open, multi-vendor, supply. The user is free to choose devices from different manufacturers to best suit an application or budget. Competition ultimately encourages differentiation and lower costs.

Cost savings and other benefits arise as follows:

During Installation: installation costs will be modest, although some engineering effort is needed for planning and configuration. PROFIenergy comes ‘built in’ to the network and the ECUs. Quick ROI: As cost savings are potentially significant, fast ROI can be expected. Any higher up-front costs will easily be offset. Reduced Energy Consumption: The biggest savings come from high power equipment. However, lower power devices may also generate savings when large numbers are in use. Asset Protection: All power switching functions are integrated in devices. Equipment can be powered up and down intelligently, resulting in longer life and fewer breakdowns. Peak Load Management: Measurements of energy consumption can be fed back to the controller or a supervisory system to allow better management of energy demands. Regulatory Issues: Cutting power consumption reduces carbon footprints, and helps support the ‘green’ strategies needed to meet your environmental obligations.