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  1. Your solution provider for PROFINET® cabling and connection

    Devon NGUYEN  02.03.2015   Singapore

    Your solution provider for PROFINET® cabling and connection You can rely on the continuous and high-quality overall system of cabling solutions from...

  2. Newsletter April 2014

    Bernd Lieberth  05.04.2014   Singapore

    Newsletter April 2014

  3. Newsletter October 2013

    Bernd Lieberth  18.10.2013   Singapore

    Newsletter release for October 2013 Content: PI Seminar in Vietnam, Certified Training, Web based training etc.

  4. PI-Seminar Malaysia YouTube Podcast

    Bernd Lieberth  05.07.2013   Singapore

    Check out the new YouTube Podcast here:

  5. Successful Seminar in Indonesia

    Bernd Lieberth  05.03.2013   Singapore

    The PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association South East Asia has conducted it’s first successful PROFIBUS/PROFINET Seminar of the year 2013. The seminar was...

  6. Newsletter February 2013

    Bernd Lieberth  15.02.2013   Singapore

    First Newsletter in 2013, see attachment.

  7. Newsletter December 2012

    Bernd Lieberth  15.12.2012   Singapore

    See the lastest Newsletter for December 2012 in the attachment!

  8. PI-Seminar in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Bernd Lieberth  02.10.2012   Singapore

    (english version in the attachment below) HI?P H?IPROFIBUS/PROFINET KHU V?C ??NG NAM Á TH? M?I Tham d? H?i th?o Qu?c t? PROFIBUS – PROFINET n?m 02...

  9. Newsletter September 2012

    Bernd Lieberth  17.09.2012   Singapore

    PROFIBUS/PROFINET South East Asia Newsletter September 2012 All details are at or in the attachment!...