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Press Releases

Press Releases

This section is mainly for the media, and includes press releases from PI and the PI Community in general.  For local press releases please go to the individual pages of each PROFIBUS & PROFINET organization.

  1. PI-Seminar in Thailand, write up at IAA

    Bernd Lieberth, 22.11.2014 , Singapore

    Write up about the PI-Seminar in Thailand 2014, released in IAA Magazine.

  2. Application Story from PROFIBUS to PROFINET in Indonesia

    Bernd Lieberth, 22.11.2014 , Singapore

    Read the Application Story from Bogasari Flour Mills, a migration Story from PROFIBUS to PROFINET!   I was realeased in the 2014\'s Novemeber...

  3. Seminar in Thaland - write up in vietnamese language

    Bernd Lieberth, 22.10.2014 , Singapore

    Write up about the PI-Seminar in Thailand, this article is in vietnamese language!

  4. Industrial Ethernet Book - IHS Research

    Bernd Lieberth, 15.09.2014 , Singapore

    Check the latest IMS Research Article. PROFINET is seen as number one Industrial Ethernet based Fieldbus system.

  5. More Diagnostics in PROFINET (Vietnamese and English)

    Bernd Lieberth, 09.09.2014 , Singapore

    Write up about the different possibilities of PROFINET Diagnostic! Also in Vietnamese!!

  6. IAA - write up Singapore Seminar 2014

    Bernd Lieberth, 31.07.2014 , Singapore

    IAA write up from the PI-Seminar 2014 in Singapore

  7. Write up - PI-Seminar in Singapore with Mr. Karsten SChneider in Vietnamese

    Bernd Lieberth, 02.06.2014 , Singapore

    Write up about the PROFIBUS Seminar with Mr. Karsten Schneider, conducted in Singapore at NTUC.

  8. PROFIBUS Installation guidelines (vietnamese and english)

    Bernd Lieberth, 01.04.2014 , Singapore

    See attachment to read the full story

  9. PROFINET Certified Training (vietnamese and english)

    Bernd Lieberth, 12.01.2014 , Singapore

    See attachment for the full story