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Your solution provider for PROFINET® cabling and connection

Devon NGUYEN ,
  • 02.03.2015

Your solution provider for PROFINET® cabling and connection
You can rely on the continuous and high-quality overall system of cabling solutions from the Lapp Group to prevent failures, downtime and quality-related issues. A comprehensive range of standard and customised solutions are  available here. Our wide range of PROFINET® cables for all uses are subject to precision testing at our test centre and laboratory.

The Lapp range features true all-rounders for particularly demanding requirements relating to a diverse application range, flexibility (as required in applications featuring highly dynamic flexing with permanent bending and torsion), chemical and mechanical resistance, and approvals. From 4-core or 8-core PROFINET® cables from the ETHERLINE® brand to fibre optic cables featuring POF or PCF designs from our HITRONIC® range, the Lapp Group has the right cabling solution for your PROFINET® application.

Connectors that are easy to connect play a particularly important role in Industrial Ethernet, whether it is the RJ45 that is familiar from office use or the M12 that is standard in the industrial environment. The EPIC® Data connector range is easy to connect to the matching cable – without the use of special tools. This not only saves time during assembly, this helps you, our customer, save money.


Overmoulded ETHERLINE® assemblies are also available in the range. These factory-tested products provide proven cable quality together with high-quality connectors. They feature guaranteed impermeability and guaranteed transmission characteristics. This helps you avoid spending time on assembly and prevents differences in connection quality, and even enables you to attain a higher protection class than can be achieved using field mountable connectors. Read more at :

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