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  1. Your solution provider for PROFINET® cabling and connection

    Devon NGUYEN , 02.03.2015 , Singapore

    Your solution provider for PROFINET® cabling and connection You can rely on the continuous and high-quality overall system of cabling...

  2. Newsletter April 2014

    Bernd Lieberth, 05.04.2014 , Singapore

    Newsletter April 2014

  3. Newsletter October 2013

    Bernd Lieberth, 18.10.2013 , Singapore

      Newsletter release for October 2013 Content: PI Seminar in Vietnam, Certified Training, Web based training etc.   ...

  4. PI-Seminar Malaysia YouTube Podcast

    Bernd Lieberth, 05.07.2013 , Singapore

    Check out the new YouTube Podcast here:

  5. Successful Seminar in Indonesia

    Bernd Lieberth, 05.03.2013 , Singapore

    The PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association South East Asia has conducted it’s first successful PROFIBUS/PROFINET Seminar of the year 2013. The seminar...

  6. Newsletter February 2013

    Bernd Lieberth, 15.02.2013 , Singapore

    First Newsletter in 2013, see attachment.

  7. Newsletter December 2012

    Bernd Lieberth, 15.12.2012 , Singapore

    See the lastest Newsletter for December 2012 in the attachment!

  8. PI-Seminar in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Bernd Lieberth, 02.10.2012 , Singapore

    (english version in the attachment below) HI?P H?IPROFIBUS/PROFINET KHU V?C ??NG NAM Á TH? M?I Tham d? H?i th?o Qu?c t?...

  9. Newsletter September 2012

    Bernd Lieberth, 17.09.2012 , Singapore

    PROFIBUS/PROFINET South East Asia Newsletter September 2012 All details are at  or in the attachment! ...